Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Goodbye Blog

As with all good things, this blog must come to an end.

I already have a new one, more about yoga and less about sex.

Here is my goodbye letter to my blog.

Dear Trollop Cupcake blog,

When we first met, I was in a dating tizzy- what fun it was to share these experiences with you, tell you my secrets, basically let it all hang out. Although my 'dating life' is somewhat dramatic still, it has consistently been dramatic with only one person- and telling that story time and time again is boring. I did not totally leave you out of that story though, you were with me in the initial stages of it and the first few crazy town times and I thank you. You were also there with me when I decided to leave my job and I thank you for that.

But, it is time to move on. The other blog I have been cheating on you with is just as honest and telling as you are but less pornographic. This is not to say that I am any less pornographic- just that I want to go a different direction in my blogging.

I still partake in all the things I was doing before you, during you and now after you. I am still the same person, same likes, dislikes, loves, etc... But, I need to be able to actually show people who I am with the new blog- and I just can't have 3some pictures associated with my face and name, not right now anyways.

I thank you for always being there for me and letting me vent.

I named you after my twitter handle which I have changed to something a little less slutty. I am sure, I will change that again, after all, change is good, right.

Take care my blog, may you have many more readers while you are hanging out there in the ether. As of today you have had 12,000 visits to your beautiful pages.

The ex TrollopCupcake


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