Monday, December 12, 2011

Tra la la la la...

Tis the season to be {fill in the black}, tra la la la la lalala.

Do I celebrate Christmas?
I sure the fuck do. I celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Birthdays, St. Patrick's day, your anniversary, red ribbon week, Cake Day, I fucking celebrate everything!! But what I do not do is celebrate Thanksgiving or celebrate these HOLYdays as they are intended. But neither do you.

I have to go to the mall today- because my little sister (the girl I mentor) wants to go shopping for a Christmas present for her mother. She is a Christian. I am not. We do not discuss religion or anything of that nature.

I understand what all the fuss is about, I really do. You get caught up in the moment and this is a special time of the year where you can show loved ones they are valued- by buying them that perfect gift. I send my family presents for their holiday, because I love them and they celebrate Christmas.

(after shopping with my little sister)
I believe I heard more arguments in the mall today that I heard Holiday cheer or laughter. I happened to hear a daughter tell her mother that she was spending too much money and 'they are not even going to play with it anyways so why are you buying it for them'  in the toy section of TJ MAX.

Tra la la la la...

In Bed Bath and Beyond, I heard two ladies discussing how whatever they were looking for was too hard to find and that they might as well 'give the fuck up'.

These are the happiest of times!

If you are so compelled to buy shit and basically throw your money away on useless crap- I offer you this suggestion.  DONATE MONEY TO A CHARITY ON THEIR BEHALF.

Sure still buy them that panty or wine of the month but if you want to go overboard... Give them a gift that really has value,

WWF is one of my favorites during the holidays.



psykotedy said...

There's a panty of the month club??? ;-)

Good to see you posting again.

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